What is Apple TV?

What is Apple TV?

There are so many devices these days to use when streaming movies and shows from computers, televisions, and other devices. But, you should consider the Apple TV as one of your best options. This streaming unit can take media off the Internet and place it on your television quickly. Easily, you will be able to watch the things you want to watch simply.

Cost and Choices


Apple TV has two choices to choose from, whether it is the 32GB or the 64GB option. It really just depends on how much storage space you actually want. The 32GB will cost you $149, while the 64GB Apple TV is $199 out of your pocket.

Features and Functions


Here are a few things you can accomplish with an Apple TV. First, Siri is available to help you search for wanted media and to ask if you have any questions at all. Secondly, an app store helps you navigate their site. Lastly, there is a remote touchpad and controller choices to help connectivity and performance with your Apple TV.

Video Streaming


Not only does the Apple TV mirror what is seen on the Internet, but it also supports other providers like ESPN, Netflix, HBO, and much more. A list of all entertainment choices can be found here: https://www.apple.com/apple-tv-4k/. Also, note that Apple TV does not give you control of cable TV. You have to download some apps for free, while others you will have to pay for.

Audio Options


Since this TV product is made by Apple, Apple Music is supported by this device. But, that is your only choice when it comes to music streaming. Still, you can get around this by downloading music or uploading a CD onto iTunes, and then playing it across the Apple TV.

Games and Other Apps


Apple TV gives you a ton of game choices that are easily downloadable. Also, there are other apps for sharing photos, shopping, and weather to look into when using Apple TV.

Things to Consider


Originally, Apple TV did not use HDR or 4K video, but recently even Apple has hopped on this boat, too. But, in full discloser, know that Roku, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV have had 4K a lot longer than Apple, so they might be a step ahead at this point. Another thing to consider involves the fact that Amazon media does not have an app, so it may be hard to navigate on your Apple TV.

The Apple TV is a fantastic resource if you are looking to add technology to your home or workplace. There are amazing options to consider if you are an Apple fan. Consider using this programing to make a decision for yourself.

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