Top 5 Co-Op Games

Top 5 Co-Op Games

Are the games you have been playing getting a little stale after hours and hours of consumption? Well, now is the time to try something new with our list of the best co-op games around. These games will challenge and push you to new gaming heights. Whether you like to game with your friends or with complete strangers, this list is for you and all your gaming needs.

Don’t Starve Together


This game allows for teamwork and connection with others as you try to get through the nightmare that is similar to a Tim Burton movie. Don’t try to live on your own; it will never end well. Go out and connect with a base, divide out the responsibilities, and watch your base thrive. Don't Starve Together, from Klei Entertainment, is a very underrated game that everyone should try.

Diablo III


If you grew up playing StarCraft, from Blizzard Entertainment, then you will certainly enjoy Diablo III. This beast game can be played with three friends throughout the entire time. With a variety of difficulty levels, you can wage war against a plethora of angry skeletons. The more you raise the difficulty level, the more you will have to communicate with your teammates to garner success.



Before Minecraft’s release by developer Mojang, no one really knew how the game would be received. Now, we all know that this game is one of the alpha dogs of the gaming world. Even Microsoft has gotten into the act by buying Minecraft from Mojang in 2015. Enjoy building your civilization, keeping monsters at bay, or preparing to take on the Ender Dragon, which is the game’s final boss.

Left 4 Dead


Who does not like zombie entertainment? This game, from Turtle Rock Studios and Valve Corporation, brings the apocalypse to your finger tips. This game is not predictable, which adds to the challenge of mastery. No matter if you have friends to play with or strangers across the airwaves, you can have equally as much fun.

Grand Theft Auto 4


The Grand Theft Auto Series is a playground for you to do what you want to. There are a lot of co-op missions, but check out the Heists for the most fun and action. In these missions, you will be asked to setup your plan and then make it happen, from weapons to use and the type of getaway vehicle you will want. Make sure you have three other friends when playing this game, so you can get the most out of your time.

There are games for everyone when it comes to co-op play. Don’t sell yourself short by only playing a few of these games. The world is your oyster and so are the co-op games you could play.

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