Top 5 Best VR Games

Top 5 Best VR Games

VR Games are the thing to experience in the 21st Century. It took a while for Virtual Reality to catch up with the gaming community, but it is gaining steam. Still, there are so many games to get through to figure out which ones are the best. How do you know you are playing the coolest, trendiest games? If you are not sure where to start, read more to learn about the Best VR Games the world has to offer.

#5 - Elite: Dangerous


If you are a fan of interstellar war in space, this game is for you. The creators of this game added hundreds of billions of star systems, with fantastic simulations based upon scientific principles of our solar system today. You will have the freedom to move up the ranks by gaining knowledge, power, and riches, as you control a starship that is all your own. Buy the game now by going to elitedangerous.com.

#4 - Job Simulator


This VR game is a fun way to relive the glory days of work. We say relive because the year in the game is 2050, and robots now do all the jobs. So, people relive what it was like to be a gourmet chef, an office worker, etc. With over 22 awards ranging from the Sundance Film Festival to The Game Awards, Job Simulator really has caught the imagination of thousands of people. For more information, check out jobsimulatorgame.com.

#3 - Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes plays off the premise that everyone, at one time or another, wanted to diffuse a bomb like James Bond or Charlie’s Angels. Now, you can, too! This interactive game is perfect for a night in with friends. One person will wear the virtual device, while the team will have to communicate with their virtual friend how to diffuse the bomb. If the bomb is not diffused, then bombs away. Click the link for more info: keeptalkinggame.com.

#2 - Hover Junkers


If you are a fan of post-apocalyptic games, then try Hover Junkers out for size. This is a ship flying game, where you can build your own ship, defend it from your enemies, and add a collection of weapons and tools to your arsenal. Hoverjunkers.com is where you can find all the details for this game.

#1 - Eve: Valkryie


Just because Eve: Valkryie is a ship game does not mean it is just another ship game. This VR game has three ship types to choose from, as you battle enemies in space. There are a plethora of upgrades for your ship and your character, as well. Go to their website to get playing today: evevalkyrie.com.

Virtual Reality is the next gaming revolution. Get on board by playing some of these games today. It will be so fun, you might play all day.

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