Slither.io Website Review

Slither.io Website Review

Slither is an online multiplayer game of snake that goes beyond the gameplay limits of the classic version. It is simple yet very addicting as it offers quite a lot of unexpected thrill through direct competition with other players from around the globe. In this article, we're going to do a comprehensive review of the website Slither.io and the game.

slither game screenshot

To play the game, you simply visit the slither.io website and enter a nickname on the central box. Once you do this and click on the “Play” button you enter the arena by taking the form of a snake.

The snake moves on fixed paths that follow a hexagonal pattern on an endless loop-generated field. The players who enter the arena share the same space with others, so the point is to stay away from each other’s path or else your snake will get destroyed. When a snake is destroyed it is transformed into shiny dots that other players can eat in order for their snakes to grow bigger.

slither game screenshot

The navigation of your snake is done by using the mouse, leading the way with the cursor. The snake can’t change its direction of movement immediately so you will need to get the feel of its agility before trying out more risky maneuvering. 

The point of the game: to grow as large as possible and become the “king snake” of the arena.

A table on the top right shows the current standing of the top players so you can check out if you are among them. Of course, your eyes should stay focused on the center as others will try to turn you into shiny dust, especially if they are larger than you so it becomes easier. That is done by trying to encircle the opponent so that his/her snake has nowhere to go.

**Tip** The snake’s speed remains constant no matter its size, but if you hit the “spacebar” button, it will take a momentary boost. This boost helps in getting in front of another snake’s way so you can destroy it, or get quickly out of harm's way. The way that this boost can be used varies really and it is helpful in a wide spectrum of situations in the game.

Be aware though that as long as you keep the spacebar pressed and your snake moves at a higher speed, it gets smaller and smaller until it reaches its initial size. This means that basically, the boost consumes your snake mass, so it is finite. 

slither game screenshot

While the game is really very simple and easy to start playing, it is very addicting as it calls you to try again and again. Its competitive nature and straight forward gameplay are the keys for this addictiveness.

Finally, Slither isn’t too resource hungry so you won’t need a powerful computer to have fun on it. A browser with the flash player plugin installed is enough. If you experience performance-related lags, you can try setting the graphics at a lower resolution by clicking on the corresponding setting on the top right before your enter the arena. 

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