How to Use Wechat

How to Use Wechat

Wechat is a messaging and calling app. It's mostly used in china where Line and Whatsapp are banned. If you plan on going to China for vacation, remember to download wechat so that you can contact people via text messages. Keep reading to learn how to use wechat.

Downloading the App

To download wechat, first go to your phone's app store. Type 'wechat' into the search bar. The app is free to download. Click on it, and wait for it to load. It should take a minute or two until it's done loading.

wechat download app screenshot


When you open up your app, at the bottom, the first feature you should see on the left is the 'Chats' button. This feature has all your discussions and chats in it. The most recent chat goes at the top of the list.

wechat download app screenshot

Contact List

The next feature at the bottom should be the 'Contacts' button. Here are all of the people that you've added as friends. The listing is in alphabetical order, so it's pretty easy to navigate.

wechat app screenshot contact list

Adding or Accepting a New Contact

At the top of your contacts list, there should be a 'New Friends' selection. Once you are inside, the top should be a search bar. This is where you can search for your friends and family. You can either type in their phone number or Wechat ID to find them. Below the search bar is 'Mobile Contacts', this uploads all your phone contacts into your wechat contacts. If you don't know a lot of people that use wechat, you don't have to click this. You can even link your google account to add contacts from there.

wechat app screenshot contact add new


Next to the 'Contacts' feature is 'Discover'. In Discover, the first thing you'll see is 'Moments', moments is kind of like 'News' on Facebook. People can post news or photos on there for their friends and family to see. Below the Discover feature is the QR Code scanner, you can find your QR Code under the scanner when you click on it. Under that feautre is 'Shake', basically what you do it type in your profile and shake your phone. The person you want to add shakes their phone too, and wechat can add the two of you to each others contacts list. I wouldn't use 'People Nearby', it's not as safe as the other options.

wechat app screenshot contact discover


In the 'Me' feature, the first thing at the top is your name (or username). Click on it and you can change or edit your profile. Below that is 'Favorites', this is where you can save your favorite chats that you've had. 'My Posts' is part of 'Moments'. 'Cards & Offers' save your coupons and other offers. In 'Sticker Galley', you can add stickers to use on your chats. Some are free, others cost money.

wechat app screenshot

There you have it! Everything you'll need to know to use the Wechat app. Most of the users are in China, so unless you are there, you won't really have the need to get the wechat app.

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