How to Use the PayPal App

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How to Use the PayPal App

Today, there seems to be so many apps out there that say they can help you with your money transactions. But, how do you know which ones to trust and which ones to not, which ones are elite, and which ones are amateur? Using the PayPal app will help you see its value when performing online transactions. The PayPal app has even more functions that most people did not even know they had. 

PayPal Download

paypal app download

Start by downloading the PayPal app. Go to the App Store on your device, type in “PayPal,” and allow the device to search for what you want. Lastly, tap the “Get” button next to the PayPal app, and you will be downloaded quickly after you have confirmed with a password. 

Main Screen Opening

paypal app screenshot

Once you have hit the “Open” button, after the app has downloaded, you will arrive in the PayPal main screen. There are more options on the app now since its original creation in 1998; so, let’s hop into all the intricacies of this application.

Setting your Settings

paypal settings screenshot app

By clicking the icon that looks like a gear, on the top right-hand side of the screen, the app will navigate you to a new screen. In your settings, you will be able to add bank accounts and cards to receive or give payment. Also, you can change your preferences, invite a friend to PayPal, and change your log-in information.

Balance and Activity Information

paypal balance activity screenshot

Back on the main screen, you should notice the options “Manage Balance” and “See Activity.” These two categories allow you to see how much money you have in your PayPal account at a certain time, and by clicking “See Activity,” you will be able to look at all the transfers you have made using PayPal. This will help you keep up with your records. 

Sending and Requesting Money

paypal money send request

To send and request money, use the icons in the middle of the screen. Both icons work the same way and will take you through these steps: which contact do you want to make the transfer with, how much money do you want to send/receive, and then confirm the payment amount to send. Allow for a day to transfer the money in or out of your account. 

More PayPal Options

paypal options screenshot

There is more to PayPal than transactions. At the bottom of your main screen, you can order food ahead of time, while paying for it through the app. Also, you can see if there are any special offers to use. Lastly, if you are feeling generous, you can donate money to your favorite charity on PayPal.

PayPal has a variety of ways to help with your money transactions. Trust that this app is safe and easy to use for your convenience. 

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