How to Use the Kindle App

How to Use the Kindle App

The Kindle app is used on devices aren't the kindle. If you have an iPad or android tablet, you can access your amazon e-books by downloading the kindle app. This means that you don't need to buy a kindle to read amazon e-books. Here are a couple of things you'll want to know on when using the kindle app.

Downloading the App

To download the kindle app, first go to your tablet's app store. Type 'kindle' into the search bar. The app shouldn't cost anything because it's free. Click on it, and wait for it to download. It should take a minute or two until it's finished loading.

kindle app download


The kindle app has a very weird 'Log In and Log Out' system. First, they don't call it log in. They call it 'Registration'. It makes sense if you're registering for the first time, but even if you are signing in again, they still call it 'Registration'. When you sign out, it's called 'Deregister this Kindle'. This doesn't mean that they delete you're account, it's basically just signing out of your account.

kindle registration screenshot

Kindle Email Address

If it's your first time registering, you might want to save your new email address to your contacts list. This way, if you have e-books on your computer that you didn't get from amazon, you can send it to your kindle app with your new email address. The email address should be something like this 'hellothere_53@kindle.com'. This is just an example.

kindle email screenshot

Book Format

The book format that works best with the kindle app, is 'mobi'. With the mobi format, you can change the fonts and background color like you do with amazon e-books. But if you send it as a PDF format, you can't change anything other than the brightness of the screen. It's very easy to convert your PDF books into mobi format. There are many free websites that convert it for you. You don't even need to make an account.

book format kindle app screenshot

Buying Books

When you're buying e-books on amazon for your kindle app, below the '1-click buy now button', there is a 'Deliver to:' selection bar. If you don't have the account set up yet, the first option should be 'Your Kindle Cloud Reader', this allows you to read the book on amazon. Click on the selection bar, and choose your kindle's apps name. For this to work, your kindle app needs to be registered to your Amazon account.

kindle buying books screenshot


In you book, if you tap in the center of your tablet, it zooms out and there's a options bar at the top of the page. If you are looking to change the size or font of your book, click on the 'Aa'. On the left side of the 'Aa' button, there's a square with an 'x' on it. That's where other reads have added in some terms and characters. This is a great feature because when you forget a character, you don't want to flip through the book looking for that character. You can find him in 'X-Ray'. You can also bookmark a page by simply tapping the top right corner of the page.

kindle options app screenshot

There are so many other features and functions that the kindle app provides. These are only a few things you'll want to know when using the kindle app.

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