How to Use the FotMob App

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How to Use the FotMob App

Are you a soccer fanatic? Do you live, breathe, eat, and sleep soccer? Then, try using the FotMob App on your mobile device to keep you up-to-date on soccer scores from around the world. It doesn’t matter if you can be a soccer fan of the one of the biggest leagues around, like the Champions League, or one of the smallest, like Erste Liga in Austria; this app keeps stats, line-ups, and up to the minute scores for all professional teams. This soccer app has been downloaded over 10 million times, showing its popularity among fans. 


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Begin by downloading the FotMob app on your phone’s app store. The app is a free download that you need permission to access, and then you will be good to go after you hit the “OPEN” button. 


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After you have opened the app, you will have two options for set-up. First, you can sign-up on FotMob. This will give updates to an e-mail you signed up with. Your other option is called “Quick Setup.” By clicking this option, the app will ask you what are your favorite leagues and teams to follow, without putting in any personal information. This will keep you focused on what really matter to you. 

Main Screen Options

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After you have set-up your account, you will then come to the main screen of the FotMob app. The main screen gives you countless options to navigate through the app. Notice, as you scroll down, there are current matches across the world that you can see final scores and upcoming matches that day. At the bottom of the screen, you can make changes by checking out news in the game of soccer, how different leagues are performing, who your favorite teams are, and more. 

Changing Teams

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If, for whatever reason, you decide to switch teams to and from your favorites section, click the icon on the far right top of the screen; this will allow you to select or de-select teams from your favorites. Then, when you come back to the main screen, the changes will be updated. 

Soccer Schedule

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Interested in what matches are coming up? The FotMob app shows every professional match of soccer taking place today, tomorrow, and in the future. If you want to go back to check out games you missed, click the calendar icon at the top lefthand side of the screen to go back in time to see what the outcome of a match looked like.

In-Depth Information

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Look further into a specific match by clicking what match you are interested in. Then, there were be more information like where the match takes place, the buzz surrounding the match, how the teams are doing during the season, recent news for each team, their head-to-head record, and more.

Being a soccer fan is one thing, but being a knowledge soccer fan on FotMob is entirely different. Use this information to start navigating your way through one of the best soccer apps around. 

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