How to Use the 9gag App

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How to Use the 9gag App

Are you looking for a new and exciting app that is gaining notoriety? Then, you should check out the 9GAG App. This app has fantastic pictures and video that are trending right now. You can keep up with all the important visuals of the day. 9GAG was created as a platform for its users to express themselves by coming up with catchy pictures, so other users can comment and/or vote on their creations.

Go to your App Store

app store 9gag

To download the 9GAG app, you need to start by going to your App Store, and typing “9GAG” in the search bar. After you have entered the information, the app you are looking for is called 9GAG: Best LOL Pics & GIFs. Download the app, and hit “OPEN” when it is completed.

9GAG Main Screen

9gag main screen

When you open the app, you will come to the main screen. Notice, you will see a feed in the middle of the screen. This feed will update “New Posts” whenever you swipe up or you enter the app after not using it for a while. Also, there are options above and below the feed.

Picture and GIF Options

picture gif options

At the top of your main screen, you have 3 options that you can use to search through pictures and GIFs. First, by clicking on the “Hot” tab, you will see some of the most viewed 9GAG pictures and GIFs around. Next, you can click the “Trending” tab to see the most popular visuals that have gone viral in the last few hours. Lastly, the “Fresh” button allows you to view the newest posts on 9GAG.

Bottom Tab

9gag app screenshot

The bottom tab of the main screen gives you the most options. You are automatically placed in the “Home” icon with the feeds from 9GAG. From left to right goes these options: Explore, Videos, News, and Profile.

Explore and Videos Tab

9gag app screenshot explore

If you are looking for a certain picture in particular, type your search using the Explore tab. At the top of the screen, you can type in what you are looking for. The Videos tab, which looks like a play button, let’s you look at videos that are on 9GAG.

News and Profile

9gag news screenshot

To receive news or create a profile, you must sign up or log-in to 9GAG. By doing this, you will be able to connect on 9GAG with your votes and comments.

Signing Up

9gag signing up

To sign up on 9GAG, you will click the “Sign Up” button under the News or Profile tab. Then, you can sign up in three ways: through Facebook, through Google Plus, or by typing in an e-mail and password. Upon completion, you will now be able to witness all that 9GAG has to offer you.

Being apart of 9GAG is a great way to stay connected with visual trends occurring on social media. Sign-up today, and see what you are missing out on!

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