How to use Snapchat Map aka Snapmap

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How to use Snapchat Map aka Snapmap

Snapchat is one of the leading social media platforms in the world. Snapchat is a messaging service that sends a picture or video clip that the recipient can see for 10 seconds. Then they can replay it or reply to it. Snapchat has implemented a new feature called snap map. Snap map shows you and your friends locations on a map, so you can see exactly where they are and vice versa. You can also see snaps of events, news, and people around the world. To learn how to use the Snapchat map, read the steps below. 

Open Snapchat & Snap maps

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If you're wanting to use snap maps, you must first open the Snapchat app from your home screen. Then from the camera mode pinch and zoom out with your fingers in the middle of the screen. Click the blue next button to get started. 

Find Your Friends

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The next screen you will see will ask you to select your location preference. You can select ghost mode, which means no one can see where you are, my friends meaning only your friends can see where you are, or select friends so only certain people can see where you are. Once you’ve made your decision, click the blue Next button.

If you choose to be visible, you will appear as an Actionmoji to your friends. Depending on where you are and the speed you're going, your avatar will change on the map. For instance, if your speed matches what a car would do, your avatar will appear in a car. If you add a snap to our story, it might appear on the map. Click the blue finish button. 

Use SnapMaps

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After clicking finish, you will be brought back to camera mode. Pinch and zoom out with your fingers in the middle of the screen again to pull snap maps back up. A map of your area will appear showing “hot spots” of people using snap maps. Pinch and zoom in to get close enough to see a circle outlining an image with a name next to it. Click it, and you will be taken to someone’s snaps.  

Keep Yourself Safe!

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There has been a lot of controversy revolving around snap maps since the feature launched. Most of the users for snap chat are underage children. A lot of people are concerned that people seeing where their children’s locations are can encourage stalking.

There is the ghost mode feature which allows you to not be seen, but if you do not enable that, then anyone can see exactly where you are when you send them a snap or add a picture or video to our story section which could appear on the map. If you are concerned about this, make sure to enable ghost mode or only send snaps to people you know. 

Now you know how to use snapmaps! 

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