How to use QR Codes and QR Scanners

Quick Response or ‘QR’ Codes were first created in Japan for the automotive industry. Now QR codes are universally used on many products and more around the world for ease of scanning purposes. QR Codes are two-dimensional barcodes consisting of black and white pixel patterns that allow them to encode up to a few hundred characters. You can create QR codes and use many applications on the market to scan them and other products on the market. Scanning QR codes for products with bring up valuable information such as different prices, places to locate them, and reviews online.

I’ve created a simplefive-step guide on what QR codes are and how to use QR Codes. Let’s get started!

Search the web for 'QR Codes'

Search for QR Codes

There are many options for QR Codes and a ton of information that can be found online. Search the web for QR Codes and look at the results (above are from Google). As you can see, you can find simple articles on how to read a QR code, how to scan a code, how to make a QR code, and how to use the QR code. These are just a few. I’m going to walk you through some of the different options for applications that can be used for QR code reading and scanning purposes.



Scan.me is an application that you can download for a ‘Scanner’ app that will with many types of codes, or simply download the QR Code Reader for iOS or Android Operating Systems. Scan is a better option if you are running a different operating system such as Windows, OS X, or have a Windows Phone.

Apply QR Code Reader and Scanner

Apply QR Code Reader and Scanner

One of the higher rated applications for reading and scanning products on the iPhone market is “QR Code Reader and Scanner”. This is claimed to be the easiest and fastest QR Code and Barcode Reader. This can be used to scan products and get the best prices and reviews for each product you find.

Google Play QR Code Reader

Google Play QR Reader

QR Code Reader for Android is a great option for Android users. It remains one of the higher rated free applications to download on the Google Play Store for all of your QR Code scanning and reading needs.

QR Placement Example

QR Code on a product - example

As an example, I’ve chosen a picture of a HEINS bottle of Ketchup. As you can see, the QR scanner is right on the back with the ingredients and directly placed on the product label. This is important and where you will find the barcode on most products in the market. Be careful when scanning products and looking for the code. Sometimes you can find the code on a flap of paper that you must peel off, or in different places. It will be simple to locate the code most times.

QR codes have become a standard for scanning products to find prices and reviews. I hope this guide on how to use QR Codes helps you pick the right application for your QR scanning and reading needs.

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