How to Use Maps.Me

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How to Use Maps.Me

Having GPS on our phones has made our lives so much more convenient. These days, we can get nearly anywhere so easily that we barely even have to think about it. The only problem is that we might not always have cell service. When this is the case, you need Maps.me which gives you all the features of GPS offline! 

Download the App


Maps.me is available both for Android and iPhone. All you have to do is download it from the respective App Store. The best thing about is that it is that it is free. The vast majority of its uses are free though there are a couple in-app purchases to enhance its use. 

When You Have Service


When you do have cell service, it functions just like any other GPS function like Google Maps or Garmin. You simply plug in your information and it will tell you where to go and how long it will take. It can even show restaurants in the area or anything else you might be looking for. 

Download Map Packs

Map Search

This is best to do before you travel to wherever you are going. Select the country or region and download the appropriate map. If you are going to a few countries or want to be able to explore a few offline then download all in the region. Make sure you have space on the phone. Small countries aren't very large files but bigger ones especially ones with many roads like the US and China can be very large files. 

Switch to Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode

Now that you are using offline maps and GPS, there is no reason for you to waste your battery life or data by having your cell service turned on. Make sure you phone is in airplane mode. This is also a good way to test to make sure the maps all downloaded properly. All the normal features of the app will still be available such as searching for restaurants and hotels even though you are offline!

Always Have It Downloaded


Whether you are home or abroad, it is always a good idea to have where you are downloaded. You never know when cell coverage may go out because of a power outage or service disruption or you run out of data. No matter the reason, it never hurts to have the maps downloaded even if it is not your preferred app. The time it really comes in handy is when you might be hiking or on some random mountain road and need to figure out how to get back to civilization!

Maps.me should be one of your top five apps. By itself, it is a great GPS App that you can use when you do have service. It is easy to use and easy to program your favorite places. But its best function is that you can use it offline. That means no matter where you go, you can always know where you are!

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