How to Use iMessages

Step by step
How to Use iMessages

Apple is making it easier than ever to communicate with other Apple users, trying to tempt non-Apple users to join the club. Learning how to use iMessage on iPhone is pretty simple once you have everything turned on. Then you just need to know who your other Apple using friends are and send them a message just like sending a normal SMS to their Apple device.


Open "Settings" App

Settings App

First, you will need to open the “Settings” app so that you can turn on the iMessage option. The “Settings” app looks like a gray colored gear usually located on your home screen unless you moved it.


Open "Messages" Menu

Messages Menu

Scroll down the screen until you see the “Messages” Menu. This is where you can change message settings and such, including iMessage. Tap the menu to open it.


Turn on iMessages

iMessages Slider

At the top of the “Messages” menu, the first option is iMessage. If the slider beside this is green, it is already turned on. If it is not green, tap the slider to turn on iMessage.


Open "Message" App

Message App

Now that you have turned on iMessage, you can close the “Settings” app. Then open the “Message” app. In the factor settings, it is usually on the bar at the bottom of the screen for easy access. If you can’t find it, it is a green icon with a white speech bubble on it. You can pull down the search bar from the top of the screen and type “Message” and it should pull up the “Message” App.


Create New Message

New Message

Once you have opened the “Message” app, in the top right corner of the app, there is an icon. It looks like a square with a pencil in the center. Tap this icon to create a new message.


Add Contact

Contact List

In the new message, at the top, you can either tap to type the recipient’s name or you can tap the ‘+’ to select one of your contacts.



Type Your Message

Your Message

At the bottom of the screen, tap the text box to type your message, you can also send voice messages, pictures, video, emojis, and more.



Send Button

The final step is to click send, it is the blue arrow to the right of the message text box. Once you have sent the message, your friend or loved one should receive it shortly on their Apple device.


Free Message to Apple Devices

As long as you are sending to an Apple device with iMessage enable, its just like sending messages over Wi-Fi. Instead of using your limited supply of text message, you can use a nearby Wi-Fi connect or 4G instead. It’s a great way to save a little bit of money and super convenient for talking to people who have iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and even Mac computers.


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