How to Use Google Slides

Step by step
How to Use Google Slides

Presentations are vital to success in no matter what business or industry you work in. In the growing technology era which we will live in presentations continue to become even more important as we communicate less via in-person and more online. The ability to do a presentation in-person as well as via the Internet is a great way to continue to build your skills and adapt to this changing model.

Welcome to Google Slides. A way to create stunning presentations, share/collaborate, and edit on the go. Google Slides give you the efficiency and flexibility you need for your presentation no matter where you are. If you can access Google (which you most always can), then you can access your presentation and all other Google App documents. Isn’t this a great time to be alive?

I’ve created a simple, easy to follow ‘Six-Step First-Time User Guide’ on how to use Google Slides. Let’s get started.

Navigate to Google Slides

google slides screenshot

Start by opening up your preferred browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc…) and navigate to the search bar. Type in ‘Google Slides’ and press search. You should see something similar to the image above. Click on Google Slides and now we will get you signed up (or signed in) to Google.

Sign in or Create a New Account

google sign in screenshot

This menu should be your first prompt after navigating into Google Slides. You will now either log in to your existing account or choose to sign up for a new account. If you are new, please click on ‘More Options’ and choose to create a new account. Once you are done you will have your official Google account and be ready to create new presentations for the world! Next we show you Google Slides.

Welcome to Google Slides

google slides screenshot

The above image displays the main page of Google Slides. You have options of creating a blank presentation or using one of the many templates displayed. From my experience unless you are an expert with Google Slides there are some differences compared to Microsoft PowerPoint and other presentation software which is available. I recommend starting with a template and navigating around to get familiar with the tools, interface and more.

Choose a Template (or start fresh)

google slides template screenshot

To start out, choose a template you would like to start with. Maybe you want to create a presentation on ‘Your Big Idea’ as I will  display in the next few slides. The templates are a great starting point to start thinking about your presentation theme, design, style and more. Be creative and think outside the box, don’t use the template exactly as it is.

Slide Customization Time

google slides customize screenshot

Here we display the template of  ‘Your Big Idea’. You will get here by choosing the template as your presentation of choice. On the far left you have your slides (see image) and you also have ‘Speaker Notes’ which are crucial all presentations. Remember it is always good to have notes at the ready no matter what to be sure you don’t skip important topics.

Presentation Fear No More

google slides presentation screenshot

Here is an example of what it will look like when you select ‘Present’. See image on step 5 for the exact location. It is important to visualize your Slides as your audience will see them. What are they going to think? Do you want them reading all the time or looking at images, content while focused on you, the presenter. Keep them engaged and be sure not to distract them with irrelevant information while presenting.

I hope this helps you get one step closer on how to use Google Slides to become a presentation master!

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