How to Use Google Keep

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How to Use Google Keep

In the fast paced world we live in, it is becoming even more important to capture thoughts, ideas, and notes on the fly. Whether a friend recommends you a book to read, or you’re in a coffee shop and had an idea pop into your head for your business. Maybe someone told you something that you just remembered and need to write it down. It is important to be able to efficiently jot down a quick note that you can locate from any of your devices. 

Welcome to the world of Google Keep, my personal favorite note taking application

Google Keep is a remarkable way to capture what’s on your mind. Not only does it store your notes, but you can pin important ones to the top, set reminders for time sensitive notes or speak a voice memo if you are on the go.

Navigate to Google Keep

google keep screenshot

Start by opening up your preferred browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.…) and search for Google Keep. This (above image) should be the result. Click on Google Keep to bring you to the application and our next step, creating a new account or logging in.

Create a Google Account or Log in

google account login screenshot

If you have an existing Google Account I would recommend logging into one that you can sync between all of your devices. Remember, these thoughts and ideas come throughout the day so having Google Keep installed on your mobile phone and tablet will help you stay consistent in your note taking.

Go ahead click ‘More Options’ if you do not have an account and create onewith your preferred username and password.

Welcome to Google Keep

welcome to google keep screenshot

You have made a great decision. Google Keep gives you the ability to efficiently take notes, create labels for different categories, and even set reminders for more important notes. For example, I set a reminder each morning at 7AM to review my goals for the week, month, and year to make sure I am on track. Google Keep is a great way to keep yourself accountable for what is important in your life.

Using Labels

google keep label screenshot

The label function of Google Keep is awesome. You have the ability to create different labels for important notes that you take. For example, I use labels for each book I read and all the notes I take along the way. This way they can be easily located and referred to when needed.

You can create a new label by clicking ‘Create new label’, and the menu shown above is what will pop up. You can always rename the label at a later date. These are just examples.

Label Editing

google keep label editing screenshot

Labeling your notes properly is important when you start using Google Keep. Once you have a lot of notes it can be hard to track specific notes down. I encourage the use of Labels from the start and don’t worry too much at first. You can also add one note into multiple different label categories. This is great for capturing information that may apply to more than one label that you have.

Notes, Reminders, and Color Coding

reminders google keep screenshot

Not only is Google Keep an amazing way to track thoughts throughout the day, but a great tool for reminders. The above image displays what it looks like when you have a reminder for that day. In this example, ‘Today at 7:00PM. This alert will follow your Google account so the devices that you have connected will all receive the same alert. These can be configured in ‘Settings’. This is what the notes will look like when you give them a color code. There is an extensive palette of colors to choose from, for this example I chose red.

Sync All Devices

google keep sync devices

The most important thing with the Google Suite of technology is having all of your devices synced together to ensure data can be accessed no matter what. Google Keep can be used on Android Devices, iPhone & iPad, and there are chrome extensions that can be downloaded for Desktop computers. 

Enjoy one of my favorite ‘Google Apps’ and be sure to capture those important moments of your life!

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