How to Use Google Forms

Step by step
How to Use Google Forms

Google has enabled us to collect and analyze information in a streamlined and simple fashion. The ability to leverage Google Docs, Sheets, Keep for data collection helps us stay on track no matter where we are. With the use of Google Forms, we can take the information we have gathered to generate surveys, quizzes, polls, and leverage that data efficiently to our target audience.

You can use data from an existing Google Drive or Google Sheet and transfer it directly to Google Forms. Have you been wanting to know how to quickly and efficiently create surveys, quizzes, polls, and more? Look no further. 

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use Google Forms, from creating a new Google Account to the creation of your first Google Form.

Navigate and Search for Google Forms

google forms screenshot

Navigate to your preferred browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc…). Using the Search bar type in ‘Google Forms’ and press Enter. You will end up at the page above. Click on Google Forms to be directed to the main sight to get started!

or Create New Account

google sign in screenshot

If you have an existing Google account please log in using your existing username and password. If you don’t, please click More Options and create a new account. This will prompt you to create your new Google account so you can begin using Google Forms, Docs, Keep, Sheets and more.

Welcome to Google Forms

google forms screenshot

Above is a screenshot of the main menu or Graphic User Interface (GUI) of Google Forms. As you can see it looks similar to the other Google Apps like Google Docs, Keep, and Sheets. This is the screen you will be getting familiar with as you begin creating amazing surveys, polls, quizzes and more for your audience! Click on the big plus sign (see red circled button in image above) to begin creating your first survey!

Create a New Form

google forms screenshot

Now you have a few different options for creating a survey. You can start from scratch or begin with a template. For the sake of example we will start from scratch to explain some of the customization options. The templates are rather self explanatory once you are comfortable with the menu.

Here you can customize the title, questions, analyze responses, add images, videos and more.

Try Creating a Quiz

google forms quiz screenshot

Navigate up to the top-right and click on the settings gear. This will prompt you with general settings, presentation of your form as well as turn your form into a quiz for your audience. Get creative with this section and see what you can create for a unique quiz!

Check out All Templates Available

templates google forms

You have many options from ‘Personal Templates’, ‘Work Templates’, and Education. Some of those include; Contact Information, Event Registration, RSVP, Event Feedback, Order Forms, Time Off Request, Customer Feedback, Assessments, Course Evaluations, and more.

Google Forms is a great way to connect with your audience, receive critical feedback for your business, and help stay organized when planning events.

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