How to Use Goodreads

How to Use Goodreads

Goodreads is a website that is mainly used to keep track of your books. Of course there are other things you can do on it, but if you are a book lover and read tons of books, you'll want to make an account. Here is how to use goodreads after you've made an account.

Adding a Book to your Bookshelf

When you are adding a book to your bookshelf, you can choose 3 different types of shelves; Want to Read, Currently Reading, or Read. You can also add your own shelves (although they are move like tags) to make it easier to find in the future. For example, if it's about faeries, you can add a faeries shelf. This way, if you forget the name of the book in the future, you can look in the faeries shelf to narrow down the search.

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When you've finished reading a book, you click on 'Read'. Read is the only one of the three that opens up a page where you can add details into the book. First, there's the rating. Figure out how many stars you want to give the book. If you leave your mouse on each star, you can see the meaning of how much you are rating the book. Then you can add in your shelves/tags (read above). Then comes the review, you can give a review if the book really affected you in some way, or you can just skip the review. Recently, the site has also added a setting where you can put in what date you started and finished the book.

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Community Reviews

If you finished a book or are looking for reviews, you can scroll down the page to read the reviews and ratings that people have given to the book. Some of them are really funny and humorous. Even if the book is not to your liking, the reviews are so funny that you can't help but want to add the book to your shelf.

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If you put your mouse on 'browse' at the top of the page, you'll see the Recommendations, Deals, Choice Awards, Giveaways, New Releases, Lists News & Interviews, and Explore Blog. Recommendations is a great way to look for books that are similar to ones that you've added to your 'Read' shelf. On the right, you'll see the Genre section, this is also a great way to find books that you have interests in. Just pick the genre that you read and like the most.

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The community bar is basically where you meet and discuss with fellow readers. You can even talk to some authors on goodreads. Most authors usually have a goodreads account.

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Remember that just because a book doesn't have a lot of reviews or rating doesn't mean that it's bad, it could mean that it didn't suit someones taste, or that the book is undiscovered. You can be one of the first few to find and read a book that could turn out to be huge later on!

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