How to Use FireAlpaca

How to Use FireAlpaca

FireAlpaca is a drawing software where you can paint, sketch, and edit your drawings. Not only is it free, there are so many cool features on the software that allows you to create the most amazing art pieces, Here are a few basic functions you should know when you are using FireAlpaca; read on to find out how to use FireAlpaca!


To start your drawing, start by going to 'File' and click on 'New'. There will automatically be a canvas size, if free to change it is you need it to be bigger or smaller. If you want to change it while you are drawing, click on 'Edit' and go to 'Canvas Size', there you can switch the size of your drawing.

horse sketch drawing


The 'Brushes' section is at the bottom left corner. It's a really fun section to play around with. You can use each brush to create a new type of texture and look to your drawing. There are also brush sets that you can find online to add to your 'Brushes'. Some cost money, but there are people that offer them for free.

You can double click on each brush to mess around with it. Above 'Brushes', there should be a section called 'Brush Control', here you can change the size and intensity of your brush. Being able to do all this is what makes digital drawing a whole new type of art.

brushes stamps


On the bottom right side, you'll see the section called 'Layers'. Here, you can add a new layer, if you are sketching and need a couple layers to get the final drawing. You can also 'overlay' the layers, this way you can tell which layer should be the main layer. The 'Opacity' is the transparency of the layer, you can change the sheerness of each layer.

tablet drawing pen

Editing Your Art

If you want to move a part of your art while you're drawing, you can go to the left side bar and click on 'Select Tool, Lasso Tool, or SelectPen Tool'. These tools can help your capture the section you want to edit.

After you've got the section captured, go to 'Select' at the top of the page and click 'Transform'. Then, you can go ahead and change your drawing however you like. You can even flip it like a mirror image by holding down the 'Ctrl' key while dragging one side of the drawing to the opposite side.

digital art drawing tablet

Saving Your Drawing

Make sure to 'Save As' your drawing twice. You want to save it once as '.mdp' and the other time as '.jpg or .png'. This way you can edit it on the '.mdp' file, and save the final draft as '.jpg or .png'.

digital drawing old man

Digital drawing is like a whole new kind of art. FireAlpaca is a great software to use for beginners. It's pretty easy to use once you use it a couple of times.

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