How to Use a Kindle

How to Use a Kindle

The kindle is a tablet that you can read your favorite books on. If you plan on buying a tablet only to read books, kindles are the tablets you're looking for. Not only do they sell them at a reasonable price, they also have some amazing features on them. Continue reading to learn how to use a kindle.

On and Off Button

First, there is the on and off button. There are so many types of kindles, the on and off button would be in different places for each generation. You might have to look or feel around for it. It should usually be at the bottom or top. The button might have the power sign on it, but not on all of them. There used to be navigational controls near the bottom of your kindle, but the design has been changed. There should be no other buttons on your kindle except the power button.

kindle tablet

Home Screen

When you press the power button to wake your Kindle, you will need to sweep your finger from the left side to the right side. It's the same as opening an iPad. What's fun about putting your Kindle to sleep is that, it leaves a book advertisement on the screen. Don't worry, the Kindle is sleeping even with the advertisement there.

kindle loading screen


If it's your first time turning on your Kindle, the wifi notice should already appear on the screen when you turn it on. If it doesn't, you can find it in the little setting icon near top of the screen. It should be in between the arrow button and the store icon. Then there should be 3 icons:

  • "Airplane mode"
  • "Sync my Kindle"
  • "All Settings"

Click on "All settings". The wireless should be the third one down.

black and white amazon kindle


If you don't already have an account, make one. If you do, the log in notice should appear when you open your Kindle the first time. If it doesn't, go to the "All Settings" icon again, then it should be the first section called “My Account.”

kindle with cover

Purchasing Books

You can buy your ebooks using the store icon on the top of your home page. If you don't want to use your Kindle to purchase your books, you can buy it on the computer and send it to your Kindle. Once it's sent, it takes a couple of minutes until it's synced to your book. When it's synced, press the book cover once to start downloading.

kindle with news

Book Controls and Settings

When you open up your e-book, you'll notice that some of the settings might not be the way that you like. To change it, tap the top part of your screen, this will open up the menu bars.

  • Tap the 'Aa' to change the size and font of the words.
  • You can also change to see how far along in the book you are.
  • You can also bookmark a page by tapping the top right corner of the page and tapping the plus sign. Or you can press the tag sign on the top menu tab when it's open.

kindle reading woman

Here are a few things you'll want to know when you open your new kindle. This article is mostly focused on the Kindle PaperWhite, but some of the other Kindles also have similar functions.

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