How to Set Parental Controls

How to Set Parental Controls

Are you concerned for your children when it comes to what they see online, through social media, etc.? Then, you should learn about settingParental Controls on all devices. This is great way to protect your children, and keeping an eye on them. Having parental controls are important when keeping your home safe against negative things that occur across the Internet.

Control of Apple Devices


No matter, if you family owns an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you can control what your children see and hear. Start by going to the Settings App, and click the “General” tab, which looks like a clock gear. By tapping this tab, there will be more options for you to select.

Restrictions Option


Scroll down and click the “Restrictions” option that will say, “Off.” At the top of the screen, click  the “Enable Restrictions” option.

Creating a Password


When you do this, you will need to create a four character password. Make sure it is not a simple password that could easily be guessed. Also, you will want to remember this password if you ever want to change the restrictions.

Restricting Features


If you want to disable the restrictions, you will see “Disable Restrictions” in the same place your saw “Enable Restrictions.” After you have created your password, you will now be able to restrict certain features and apps like Safari, Siri, AirDrop, Podcasts, etc. Whatever you are concerned with, you canCo create restrictions and privacy options for the device you are using.

Windows Parental Controls + Family Safety


To set up parental controls with Windows, you will need to start by searching “Settings” in the Search Bar, or clicking the “Settings” icon on the righthand side of the screen. When you have completed the first step, select the “Control Panel” option .

A new box will present itself; find “Family Safety” on the left-hand side, and click it. Find the option that reads, “Manage settings on the Family Safety Website.” You will have to log-in to the account with the same password you use to get onto the computer itself.

Activity Report


After you have done that, open “View activity report,” and make sure it is turned “On.” This will help you set up the controls you want to have in place for your children, and you can filter what you want others to see on the Internet. There is a specific “designed for children” program, which has generic settings that are standard for all children when it comes to Windows programing. Also, there is a feature where you can time how long your children can use the computer in a week or on the weekdays to limit usage.

Setting parental controls is vital to keep your children safe when using the Internet. This will help create a vibrant environment where technology isn’t the only things you and your children do.

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