How to Play Candy Crush

How to Play Candy Crush

Knowing how to play Candy Crush can help you excel through the levels and enjoy all the features that games has to offer.  As you progress through the game, you could find yourself becoming addicted and frustrated in equal measures, but when you pass through a particularly hard level the pay off of success is worth it.

The Basic Idea

The basic idea to play Candy Crush is to match 3 or more of the same candy in a vertical or horizontal formation. Do this and you score points. However, if you want to score bigger points and pass through the various types of levels, then you need to be able to make the special candies.

Special Candy

There are only 3 types of special candies that you can make in Candy Crush on the app version, but alone or combined with each other and they will help you to increase your overall score and pass the levels.

Stripped candy

stripped candy crush

These are made by getting 4 of the same color candy in a row again either horizontally or vertically.  If you then match a stripped candy with two other candies of the same color it will destroy all the candies in that line. 

stripped candy creation

Tip #1 - The lines on the stripped candy determine in which direction they will destroy a line of candies.

Tip #2 - If you cross two striped candies with each other then it doesn't matter which way the lines on them face as one will take out a vertical row and the other will take out the horizontal row.

Wrapped Candy

wrapped candy crush

These are made by making an L or T shape with candies of the same type.  The minimum number that you need to make this type of candy is 5 in an L shape, so you have 2 horizontally and 2 vertically and then the 5th one is moved into the corner position to give you the L shape.  The L shape is often easier to see than the T shape, but with the T shape you have the option to make a wrapped or stripped candy.  Be careful with the wrapped candies as they are quite delicate and once they fall into a line with other candies of the same color, they will explode.

wrapped candy creation crush

Tip #1 - If you cross a wrapped candy with a stripped candy it they will take out up to 3 rows and columns vertically and horizontally.

Tip #2 - One of the trickier moves is to cross two wrapped candies.  This will cause an epic explosion of about 9 squares around them.  This move can be very useful.

Color Bombs

color bomb crush candy

One of the harder candies to create is a color bomb. This is made by combining 5 candies of the same color in a single row either horizontally or vertically. Basically, you need two together on one part of the line that are separated by one square and then you have two candies of the same color on the next part of the line and you move a candy into the missing square.

colored bomb candy crush

Tip #1 - You can't move the color bombs without them going off.  If you match a color bomb with any candy color next to it, it will remove all the candies of that color from the screen – until more candies fall into place.

Tip #2 - Match a color bomb with a stripped or wrapped candy and it will turn all candies of their color into stripped or wrapped candies.

Level types

Candy Crush is well know for it's different types of levels of varying difficulty.  The most common ones are;

  • Timed levels – you are allocated a set time to complete it in
  • Jelly levels – your goal is to remove all of the jelly by destroying the candies in those squares
  • Ingredients levels – you need to get a certain amount of ingredients to fall down to their collection point.

Candy Crush is hugely addictive, but it's also very entertaining.  The types of levels you have to conquer mixed with the types of candies you need to create only add to the overall enjoyment. 

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