How to Use Musical.ly App

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How to Use Musical.ly App

Have you heard of Musical.ly, but you just do not know how it works? Using the Musical.ly App can be a great way to share videos, while using some of the best music around in the background. You can connect with friends and see what they are up to, as music sets the tone with this app.

Downloading Musical.ly

Musical.ly app download

To get yourself started, you will need to download the app. Type “Musical.ly” into the search bar of your App Store. Download the app, by hitting the “Get” icon, and tap the “Open” button when the program has been added.

Signing Up or Logging In

sign up screenshot

If you are new to Musical.ly, you will need to click the “Sign Up” button. If you have used the program before, tap the “Log In” button to get reconnected.

Signing Up Options

musicaly signing up screenshot

To sign up on Musical.ly, you have four choices to create an account. You can use a valid phone number, Facebook, Instagram, or e-mail address. After you decide which option to use, the program will direct you on further steps. However, using Facebook will just ask for your permission, and then you will have an account.

Adding Your Birthday

musicaly birthday

After you have created an account, the app will ask for your birthday. This information will not be shown publicly. This is only for Musical.ly's records. Hit the “Continue” button when you are ready to proceed.

Finding Friends and Contacts

musicaly friends

After you are logged into the app, you will enter the Home Screen. At the top of the screen, there is the background of a headshot at the top, left-hand side of the screen. If you click that icon, you will be able to search and add friends from other social media apps you are connected with or by searching through your phone contacts.

Follow and Featured

musicaly follow

At the top of the screen, you will see the words “Follow” and “Featured.” “Follow” will show the feed, which is in the middle of the screen, of followers who have created a video. “Featured” shows some of the most popular videos on Musica.ly.

Home and Search Bar

home search screenshot

At the bottom of the main screen, you will see the “Home” button, and the “Search” icon (magnifying glass) to the right of “Home.” “Home” shows the most updated feeds that you may be interested in, and the “Search” icon allows you look up videos you are interested in.

Adding a Video

musicaly video screenshot

To add a video, tap the “+” icon at the bottom, middle of the screen. This will allow you to pick what music you want to use, and either record a video or use one from your library.

Notifications and Profile

musicaly notifications

The “Notifications” icon looks like a lightning bolt at the bottom, right-hand side of your screen. This signals to you if someone has added you as a friend or commented on a video of yours. Also, the “Profile” icon is right next to the “Notifications” icon, and it shares with you how many friends you have and gives you the option to edit your profile.

Using Musical.ly is a fantastic app to show your creativity with videos. Add a video everyday to get noticed more and more.

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