How to Increase your MMR in Dota 2

How to Increase your MMR in Dota 2

Although Dota 2 is meant to be a fun game, it’s one of the most competitive and challenging MOBA games in existence. The mechanics take a lot of time to get used to and learning all the different heroes and how they interact can be challenging, but it’s all the more rewarding in the end. Matchmaking ranking, or MMR, is the skill bracket in which you’re paired with your teammates and opponents. The higher the MMR, the more skill is involved. Increasing your MMR is difficult, but not impossible. Here’s how you can improve yourself and how to increase your MMR in Dota 2

Keep Positive


We cannot stress enough how important it is to keep positive. Often times games are lost because of a negative player in your team who demotivates the rest of the players. Even when you’re winning, having someone constantly whining and crying about everything can get on your nerves, causing you to make poor decisions.  Be positive, even when you’re losing, and motivate your team. Say “Well played!” when they do something great, and “Nice try” when they try something but fail. Trust us, in the end, you’ll increase your overall winning percentage just by being nice.

Practice Versatility


People fight to play cores a lot in Dota 2, but the truth is the supports and the offlaner have much more impact on the game than ‘carries’. Supports practically lead the entire early game, and the offlaner takes over the mid-game. Cores don’t usually come online until late-game, so in a way, you can carry your team as a support or an offlaner singlehandedly. Don’t always fight to play core. Learn different offlaners and supports, such that if your team needs one of those positions, you’re ready to fulfill the role. 

Watch the Professionals


None of us were born knowing how to play Dota 2. Practice can make you good, but only if you understand what you should be doing in the game. Watching professionals play Dota is extremely beneficial whether you’re a newbie or are actually good at the game. You can see new ways of playing heroes, different item builds, and strategies you otherwise would not have been aware of. Dota is sometimes a mind game, where gold and experience don’t matter that much.

It’s all about outsmarting and outplaying your opponents. This is especially true in the late game, where a single mistake can lose you the entire game. Watch professional Dota 2 players’ stream on twitch or official games to step up your Dota 2 game and eventually increase MMR using those same principles.

Remember, you’re playing Dota 2 as a team. It’s not like Counter Strike where you can kill everyone and win the game for your team. In Dota, you have to be cooperative and help your team out if you want to win. And winning is how you increase your MMR. Be nice, play the role your team needs and learn from the professionals. You’ll get extremely good in no time.

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