How to Improve WiFi Reception

How to Improve WiFi Reception

We all want to have better WiFi reception right? At one point or another, the WiFi lags and it is frustrating at the most crucial of times. That is why you should know how to improve WiFi reception to keep your devices running strong. A few easy ideas can help you get crystal, clear service to make sure you are up-to-date and moving forward across the Internet.

Home WiFi Remedies


Big furniture can really get in the way of WiFi service. That is why you should place furniture that is large on the walls of your home and not in the middle of rooms blocking the wave-links.

Limit The Mirrors


Reflection from mirrors actually hinders WiFi service, too. These metallic surfaces and thin layers of metal obstruct the signal, so the less mirrors the better when using a router.

Placement Is Key


When placing your router within a home, there are a variety of things you should think about. Place the router close to the center of your home, especially on the very top floor because waves travel best laterally and downward. Preferable, have the router off of the floor on a shelf.

Keep Away


You will want to keep the router away from some things in your home. For example, do not have your router near your neighbor’s router next door because it could interfere. Also, keep your router away from microwaves, phones, power cords, wiring, baby monitors, etc. Interference could happen if your router is misplaced.

Wireless Bridge


Did you know a wireless bridge or a repeater could actually help strengthen your signal? These devices help if a router is too far away from where you need service. The extended coverage does not need wires, and they are easy to create access points for WiFi across your home.

Security Algorithms Matter


The type of security you have on your device truly matters when working on your WiFi reception. Changing your security from WEP to WPA/WPA2 really matters in terms of WiFi because hackers can easily break into WEP compared to WPA/WPA2. If hackers do break in, then your WiFI will be very, very slow and maybe even disconnected.

Limit Devices


The less devices the better when it comes to WiFi. The more devices that are engaged can really slow down the signal. “Media Access Control” or MAC addresses actually help this process a great deal. This helps identify which devices can connect to your WiFi, and which devices you do not want engaged.

Privatize Your Network


Keeping your network name a secret will limit people from entering into your WiFi. Remember less devices means better service moving forward.

WiFi reception in your home will get better if you put some of these tips into practice. Better service is an obtainable goal that anyone can achieve.

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