How to Host a LAN Party

Things to Know

Simply put, a LAN party is a big group of people who come together to play video games. But it is a little more complicated that than and the process of hosting a LAN party can be a little overwhelming, depending on the size of the party. LAN party gets its name from the use of a Local Area Network (LAN) connection to play multiplayer computer or video games.

Whether players are using computers, Xbox, Playstation or any other gaming system on the market, even if it’s only two people with their laptops using the same network connection, it’s still a LAN party. But LAN Parties can get really big, really fast. If you are going to host a LAN party yourself, there are a few things you need to consider. Here is a list to get you started.


Tables and Chairs


If you are only going to have two or three friends over, crashing on the couch, piling around your desk, or even sitting at the kitchen table is probably fine. But if you are really going all out for your LAN party, you have to have room for everyone to sit and everyone to put their gaming system, whether that be a computer or something else. You also need to make sure that the location of your LAN party is big enough to fit all of the people who will attend, plus tables and chairs.




If you are using a handheld gaming system, then electricity may not be a big concern. But if you have ten friends over and they are all running their super charged gaming PCs, or you have 5 TVs and 5 Xboxes all plugged in drinking electricity, power is something you need to strongly consider.

You will probably need things like extension cords and surge protectors, and a location with more than one power circuit. You don’t want to have too many computer plugged into to the same power circuit or you might blow a fuse and that could rain all over your LAN party parade.





Equipment is the most important thing necessary for a successful LAN party. You have to have enough game consoles for all of the people who will attend. Plus, enough cables, controllers, TVs, surge protectors, and extension cords. Not to mention a good network switch, because if you have more than three or four people at your party, chances are, a wi-fi connection isn’t going to cut it.

Knowing what you need and purchasing everything ahead of time is very important. Otherwise, your party guests might be sitting around waiting for you to run to the nearest BestBuy to get something you forgot that is important to getting the party started.




If you're having a ton of people over, it's good host etiquette to provide snacks, refreshments or anything else your friends might like. This also keeps all party-goers happy and fufilled. You don't want people to go hungry while they're playing their games, or worse - get dehydrated! 

Important Things To Remember!

No matter what size your LAN party will be, preparation is key. Waking up one day and saying, “let’s have a LAN party tonight” is probably not a good idea. Between the cost of equipment, the large usage of electricity, and the space you need to host a LAN party, it is something you definitely need to think through thoroughly. But just because it can be complicated, doesn’t mean that you can’t throw an epically unforgettable LAN party.

So get started, plan, prepare, and of course, HAVE FUN!


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