How to Force Quit on a MacBook

How to Force Quit on a MacBook

Have you ever run into this problem before when using the computer? Let’s set the stage. You are using a program on your Mac, and it won’t shut down when you ask it to. This can be very frustrating because this can freeze your computer, possibly causing damage to your files and/or your computer. Well, learning about the correct way to Force Quit on a MacBook could make all the different for you. There are actually a few ways to accomplish this successfully when using your Mac computer.

Apple Menu Option


Start by opening the Apple menu, which is the apple icon on the top lefthand side of the screen. Scroll down and click “Force Quit.” This will take you to a separate box which will ask you what program you want to shut down. After you pick the program, click “Force Quit” again, and your app will quit automatically without anymore issues.

Force Quit Shortcut


Another way to Force Quit can be done using a keyboard shortcut. To get a dialog box to open, press the command key, the option/alt key, and the esc key all at the same time. This will open the Force Quit box which you see from the Apple Menu Option as well. Pick the application that you want to Force Quit, and then click the button below to make it so.

Activity Monitor Option


Another way to Force Quit involves using the Activity Monitor. To use this monitor, search for the “Activity Monitor” application by clicking on Spotlight at the top righthand side of the screen. The icon looks like a magnifying glass. Next, click “Activity Monitor,” which is under the Applications file. In the Activity Monitor, you can pick the application you want to Force Quit. The Force Quit process is a “X” icon on the top lefthand side of the Force Quit box that you will need to click to finish the job.

Terminal Force Quit


In the Utilities folder, find the folder labelled “Terminal.” Double click the icon to open Terminal. When a new box opens, type the word “top” and push the return button. Next, find the application you want to quit. Now, find the PID, or the Process ID, of the application you want to close and remember the number. After you are done finding the information, push the “Q” button, and that will exit you to the original command line you were working on. Lastly, type “kill” with the PID number attached, and your program will automatically Force Quit; make sure to exit out of Terminal when you are done as well.

With multiple ways to Force Quit on your MacBook, you should be in full control of your computer. Never have an unwanted, open program again.

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