How to Enable Cookies

How to Enable Cookies

Have you wanted to log-in to a certain site that you always log-in to, but the site always asks for your information? Wouldn’t it be great if the site would recognize it was you, and save your username and password?

Well, this can happen when you Enable Cookies. Also, enabling cookies keeps your preferences the same, and tracks what you do on the Internet for the browser you are using. In some cases, browsers make you turn on cookies to allow their features to work. But, either way, browsers have a setting to turn on or off their settings for cookies. 

  • Enabling Safari Cookies

When turning on cookies with Safari, go to the “Safari” tab at the very top, lefthand side of the screen. Click “Safari,” and scroll down to “Preferences.” After you click “Preferences,” a new box will come on the screen entitled “General.” Go to the “Privacy” tab, and click it. The first category will say, “Cookies and Website Data.”

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Make sure it is turned on to “Always allow.” By clicking this option, all your cookies will be stored, along with a third-party’s cookies as well. Know that this is the most open of the options, but it is probably the least secure of the choices. 

  • Safari Cookies on your Mobile Device

To enable cookies through Safari on your Mobile Device, start by clicking “Settings.” This will take you to all the applications you have. Find the “Safari” tab and click it. Then, scroll down to Privacy & Security where it says, “Block Cookies.” Push it, and there will be four options for you to choose from: Always Block, Allow from Current Website Only, Allow from Websites I Visit, and Always Allow. Make sure that “Always Allow” is the one you choose, and you will have enabled cookies on Safari. 

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  • Chrome Cookies

Chrome can enable cookie through Google. Go to the three-lined menu bar and scroll down to “Settings.” A new box will open, and at the bottom of the box, there will be “Show advanced settings.” Click it, and the Settings box will have Privacy options for you to maneuver through. Next, push the “Content Settings” option.

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This will allow you to enable cookies the way you want them to work. Your options will be Allow local data to be set, Keep local data only until you quit your browser, Block sites from setting any data, and Block third-party cookies and site data. Make sure that your option stays on the first one to enable cookies properly.

Enabling Cookies is a great way for you to keep information on your browser, so you will easily be able to search through the Internet with your usernames and passwords.

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