How to Edit Audio

How to Edit Audio

Whether you are mixing audio tracks for performances or for fun, cutting your own tracks or just playing around, there are many programs on the market. Some of the best programs are going to cost you but there are also free programs and mobile apps that have many great features that would allow you to do some basic editing. If you want to learn how to edit audio, here are three programs to get your started.

Paid: WavePad


With a user friendly interface, the capability to import more than 10 different types of audio files and a large selection of editing tools, if you are wanting to get serious about audio editing, this the the program for you. But it is simple and easy enough to use that even complete beginners can pick up the program and learn how to use it quickly. With access to customer service and community forums, if you get stuck, you won’t be alone.


Free: Audacity


Available in multiple languages across most operating systems, Audacity is a free and easy to use audio recorder and editor. Record your tracks directly into the program or import more than six types of audio files using additional libraries. This open source audio editing program is relatively easy to learn and had plenty of tools to play around with to make your music your own and you can’t beat the price!

Mobile: Garage Band


With mobile apps being all the rage, you don’t have to carry around a big or even small laptop to do your audio editing. There are many basic and fully loaded audio editing apps available for cheap or even for free. With the ability to record, arrange, edit and mix up to 32 tracks in the same file, you can use Touch instruments, audio recordings and loops to make your own music on the go. Add special effects, adjust volume of individual tracks, and even add lyrics. Though mobile apps tend to be slightly more limited than computer programs, this app is still capable of doing many things to help you edit your audio just the way you like.

Ready to Make Some Music?

Choose your program, download and install and get started editing those audio tracks now. Which program you choose is really based on your needs and experience. WavePad is really great and easy to use for any level but the price stops many people from experiencing the awesome program. Audacity is open source and can be a little tricky to use at times but it is free and not impossible to learn thanks to the many tutorials you can find on the internet. Garage Band is basic but for on the go recording and editing, its a good choice if you can’t carry around a computer or half of a recording studio every time you leave the house. Consider your situation, then decide and start editing audio today.

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