How To Clean Your Keyboard

How To Clean Your Keyboard

Have you been eating around your keyboard a little too much or did you accidentally spill a drink on your precious keys? Well, get to cleaningyour keyboard, so you can get back to work again. This overlooked skill is what really helps when your keys start to get a little grungy or some buttons are not working on your keyboard that become dead or stuck. But, do check your owner’s manual before you clean because your warranty may become invalid if you clean a keyboard on your own.

Everyday Cleaning


Your keyboard should be cleaned every so often during the year. Start by having your computer shut off, while removing the keyboard connection from the desktop. A can of compressed air can go a long way to blowing out particles stuck in your keys, or you can you a cotton swab or cue-tip with rubbing alcohol to wipe around the keyboard buttons. During this process, you can also remove specific keys to clean in and around them. 

Cleaning A Spill


If you have spilled something on your keyboard, quickly turn the computer off and turn the keyboard over to shake the liquid out. Dry the keyboard with a dry cloth and leave the keyboard upside down for as long as you need. This might mean keeping the keyboard like this overnight.

Alternative Cleaning Idea


Looking for a more thorough cleaning idea? Then, disconnect the keyboard from the computer, turn the keyboard over, and unscrew all the screws. You will now be able to lift the top part of the keyboard from the bottom half. Now, you can remove each key from the keyboard.

Washing Each Key Using The Alternative Cleaning Idea


Add cold water with soap in a mixing bowl, and use a toothbrush to scrub each key individually. Get a colander next, dump the keys into it, and rinse with running water, leaving them to dry at the end. Also, you can wash the parts of the keyboard if you think this is necessary by following the same steps. Tip: You can use a hair dryer to speed up the process. Lastly, put the keyboard back together, as it normally would look.

Knife Cleaning Method


Disconnect the keyboard to start, and use a butter knife wrapped in j-cloth or a Clorox Wipe. With the blade of the knife covered in cloth, soak with water. Then, go between each key on your keyboard. You will need to add pressure to get in between each key, but not too hard, or you might break the keyboard. Every 5 minutes, you will need to re-soak your tool underwater again.

There are a number of ways to clean your keyboard, but find a method that works for you. This way, your keyboard will stay free from food particles, dirt, etc.

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