How to Clean a Laptop Screen

Wiping Away The Mess On Your Computer

Laptops are a great invention in this modern day and age. They help us with the many chores and tasks of life, but they need a regular cleaning just like most things in this world. The dust and food particles that get stuck in a laptop can really hurt the device in the long term. That is why it is important to know how to clean a laptop screen. A few helpful steps will help your laptop look like new again.

Turn Off Your Laptop

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Before you start cleaning anything at all, you need to make sure to turn off your laptop. If you screen is still on while you are cleaning, it can actually cause your device to have permanent damage. Do not just put the device in sleep mode; turn it all the way off.

Purchase A Microfiber Cloth

microfiber cloth

Microfiber clothes are an amazing product to use when cleaning. This fabric does not create lint, and it is very soft when in use. Other cleaning products, like a t-shirt or washcloth, could scratch your screen or leave lint all around.

Never Use Paper Products

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Stick to the microfiber cloth, not napkins or paper towels. They usually cause scratches on the screen, while a microfiber cloth can clean screens, lenses, glass, etc.

Gentle Motions

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When cleaning your laptop screen, one wipe across the screen should be able to remove most of the particles and dust. Do not be too hard on the screen or you might actually break the screen. When wiping, use circular motions to lift up spots that are more difficult. Scrubbing the screen could cause pixel burnout, which hurts the quality of your screen.

Using A Cleaning Solution

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After you have wiped off most of the dust from the screen, it is time for a cleaning solution to finish the job off right. You can use household products, but be weary and careful not to use too much on your screen.

Creating Your Own Cleaning Solution

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If you do not have a cleaning solution at your home, you can actually make one from scratch. Distilled water can be used on its own, but for a heavier cleaner, you can mix distilled water with white vinegar 50/50. Be sure to only use plain white vinegar, and not other vinegars like apple cider. You could really hurt your laptop and ruin it for life.

Never Use Alcohol

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Manufactures of laptops currently say you should never use a cleaner with alcohol in it. Also, ammonias and other solvents can really hurt LCD screens, which are mainly used for laptops.

Having the right materials are essential for cleaning your laptop up right. Be careful and gentle in this process, and your laptop will look like the first day you bought it.

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