How to Build a Computer

How to Build a Computer

Before you start building processors, hard drives, RAM and all of the other things you need to build a computer, you need to sit down and do your research and make sure you have a good solid plan. Without a plan, you could end up with a bunch of incompatible parts, an incomplete computer, and a bunch of money wasted in the processes. Here are some of the first things you need to think about as you start learning how to build a computer.


What is the purpose of the computer you want to build?


Not all computers are created equally, if you know anything about computers, that is pretty obvious. You need to know from the beginning, what kind of computer you want to build because this will affect all of the other choices you make in the process. Whether you are going for a fully loaded gaming computer, a simple computer for daily use or anything in between, you need to know what you are building from the start.


What is your budget?


Since the creation of the very first computer, prices of computer have actually dropped significantly. That isn’t to say that computer are cheap though. If you have ever been computer shopping or just looked at gaming computers that come fully assembled and ready to use, you know know that dropping a couple of grand on a really good computer is easy. Even if you aren’t exactly sure how much you want to spend on building your computer, having a price range, whether is is $500 to $2000 or something smaller, like $900 to $1000. You need a budget or you will easily spend way more money than you want to spend and even more money than you actually need to spend.


Do you really want to start with a completely empty shell of a computer?


This question isn’t to discourage you, it is just to get you to make sure you have considered all of the options. You can stop from nothing, buy a blank motherboard, an empty computer case, and customize every single component. Other options include, “build your own computer” kits, or you could buy an already built computer and change out parts, add upgrades, and design it the way you like. You don’t have to start from scratch unless that is what you absolutely want to do.


Planning is Key

Designing, buying, and building without a plan are great ways to set yourself up to fail. Making you you do your research before you buy, know what you are going to buy, and triple checking the compatibility of all components before making are purchase are very important. You will save yourself from a lot of hassle and frustration if you will just going through the planning processes. If you aren’t sure how to start planning, check out forums or talk to a computer professional. They can point you in the right direction to get started.


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