How to Become a Programmer

Step by step
How to Become a Programmer

If you’re really serious about learning how to become a programmer and making a living out of it, you better be prepared to invest a decent amount of effort and time into it. Although programming at its core is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it, the learning curve is steep and the entire process can get tedious at times.

We can’t promise you’ll learn how to program in a month, but if you keep going at it, we guarantee you’ll love it more and more with each passing day. Learning a programming language’s syntax is just a small part of learning how to program, by far the most useful trait is your mindset. How well you tackle a given problem and the ability to think logically, outside the box if you will.

Read on to find the 3 steps to learn how to become a programmer.

Choose a Focus

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Think of Programming as the root of a tree with various branches, i.e. different focuses, sticking out. Software developers, web developers, mobile app developers, computer scientists… all of these occupations fall under the programming category, but the skillset required is different for most of them. Before you start programming, you have to know what occupation attracts you the most.

  • Do you like visuals and/or are good at creating unique designs? Web developer might be perfect for you.
  • Are you good with mobile phones and like the idea of creating apps for them? Then the title of a mobile application developer might be better suited for you.  

Learn the Syntax

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have a university degree in computer science to actually start programming. In this field of work, employers value your skills and way of thinking a lot more than they do the piece of paper called a diploma. Yes, it can be useful, especially when applying for a job, but it’s not a prerequisite.

There’s a ton of online courses (a lot of them are even free) which can help you learn a programming language’s basic syntax and teach you the basics of coding. Once you train your mind to start thinking in a “programming manner”, the only thing differentiating most programming languages is the syntax they use, i.e. the code functions.


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If you really love programming, you’ll start creating web sites/applications for the sheer fun of it. Before you start coding to make a living, you have to get relatively good at it, or at least enough to the point where people will want to hire you.

Don’t think programming is a waste of time if it isn’t done for money. Instead, think of it this way: you’ll have samples of work you’ve done which you can then present to a potential employer should a job opportunity arise.

It’s easy to give up programming if you get demoralized by the initial difficulty of learning the basics. Rest assured though, programming is one of the most innovative and unique jobs you can undertake.

It’s not easy, but the constant challenge will mean you keep pushing yourself and your way of thinking, improving yourself as a human being but more importantly, having fun in the process.

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