How to Become a Famous YouTube Gamer

Computer gaming is quickly becoming a recognized profession now, with the likes of Counter Strike, League of Legends and more recently, Dota 2 leading the way in online participation. It’s not just playing these games which have become popular though, as millions of hours of footage is viewed every single day across the world.

YouTube now has a dedicated corner of its website devoted to all things gaming and whether you want recognition of your gaming prowess, to help others in the community, an army of followers or the money that running a popular YouTube channel can provide, we offer a range of useful tips and tricks below on how to become a famous Youtuber gamer.

Get Good

league of legends game championship

One of the main reasons many people watch footage from video games is to either see parts of games they’re unable to reach or to gain an insight into how to complete a specific task, mission or stage. 

With a flair for playing games, you can either create walkthrough’s for other users or show off tricks and efficiency in completing levels. The harder the task and the more ability you have in achieving completion can be linked to how many people will be interested in your videos.  After all, everyone wants to see the best of the best.

Get Creative

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Entertainment is the name of the game and nobody wants to spend their time watching humdrum events or loops of similar gameplay. By creating interesting and creative content through ingenuity or by exploiting game glitches, you will attract more people to your channel, especially if you’re amongst the first to find a certain trick or manoeuvre.

Spread the Word

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It is one thing to have a product that people could be interested in but they also need to be able to find you or they will not be able to view your videos.

While this may seem like consumerism gone mad, you will need to become your own publicist and marketing department. Joining online communities and becoming a helpful and active member will win you much respect and credibility that can be used to make people want to follow your broadcasts.

Create a Brand

brand dota electronic gaming

Creating an easily identifiable brand with tie-in social media accounts will further strengthen your product. By creating an exterior storyline or persona, people will be able to identify more strongly with your channel which will ultimately give you an edge over any other available channels.

Just be sure that you can deliver on any boasts and promises that you make in the process of beating your own drum.

Join a Team

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Gaming is not only played as an individual sport but as group participation events too.  Likewise, forming or joining a gamer group to create a YouTube channel can help widen your appeal and reach into the public sphere.  If nothing else, it will also provide more people to push your channel into the public conscience.

Enter Online Competitions

gaming team online

There are now many online competitions and organised events for a multitude of different games.  This will greatly increase your exposure to the gaming community, especially fans of the games you play in these events.

This will also provide some highlights for your gaming CV as well as the more important bragging rights on offer through performing well.

With many live streaming events and channels now available, it can seem like an impossible dream as you make your first few steps.  Like many things, it takes a lot of effort as well as skill and a little fortune, so commit the hours, hone your skill and then keep persevering.

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