How to Easily Backup the iPhone

Step by step
How to Easily Backup the iPhone

You have a new iPhone and now it is time to back it up for the first time so your information and data is safe, even if something happens to your phone. Figuring out how to do that can be slightly more complicated than one may think. To make things easier for you, here is a step-by-step guide on how to backup the iPhone.

Install iTunes on Your Computer

itunes install screenshot

Simply open your web browser, type “download iTunes” in the search bar and press enter. Click on the first link which should lead you to the page pictured above at Apple.com. The website automatic detects whether you are using a Windows or a Mac computer. Type in your email address and location and click download. After the file has downloaded, follow the on screen instructions.

Plug Your Phone into the Computer via Your Charging Cable

iphone charging wooden table

Using the charging cable that comes with your phone, plug the small end into your phone and the big end into your computer’s USB port. This should trigger iTunes to automatically open. On your phone screen, you may be asked whether or not you trust this computer, select “Trust”.

Sign into Your iTunes Account

itunes signin login screenshot

Type in your Apple ID and Password then press “Enter” or click “Sign In”. If you are not prompted to sign in to your account, you can sign in by selecting “Account” at the top left of the window. Then select “Sign In” and continue to sign in.

Click on the Phone Icon to Open Phone Information

iphone itunes signin login open screenshot

Clicking on the iPhone icon will open the information about your phone and if you scroll down the page a little, you will see a section titled “Backup”.

Choose Backup location: iCloud or This Computer

iphone itunes screenshot login backup

You can set your backup location to iCloud where important information will be stored. Or you can backup everything on the phone to this computer. Once you select a location, your phone will automatically backup to that location every time it is connect to your computer.

Click Back Up Now

iphone itunes backup screenshot

Click the “Back Up Now” button and wait. Backups should take about 3 to 5 minutes.

Confirm that Your iPhone was Successfully Backed Up

iphone screenshot backup confirm success

Check under the “Back Up Now” button to see when the “Latest Backup” was performed. It should say “Today” followed by the time and location that it was backed up. If it does not say today, it is possible that the backup failed.

Eject Your iPhone and Unplug it from Your Computer

backup iphone eject screenshot

To safely removed your iPhone from the computer, click the eject button on the left side of the iTunes window. Once your iPhone no longer appears in the list on the left, it is safe to unplug the iPhone from the computer.

You Have Backed Up Your iPhone!

Now you have successful backed up your iPhone. Congratulations! Since you have done the initial backup, every time you plug your phone into your computer, it should automatically backup to this location. You should try to remember to backup your iPhone at least once a week so that you don’t lose important information if your phone is lost, stolen or broken.


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