Friv Games

Friv Games

Friv is a stunningly designed website to safely play the best online games. Friv has over 288+ free online games that are easily accessible and enjoyable for all. Please see their safety and privacy disclaimer below for more information.

With only the very best free online games, Friv is a perfect place to play safe, fun interactive games online. You can play all sorts of the very best free online games including; free online games, puzzle games, girls games, car games, dress up games and more

We are doing a comprehensive review of Friv and guide you through any potential issues accessing their awesome games. We have included some live game screenshots and reviews for you to get a peek into the action of Friv. 

Let’s get started!

Getting to Friv Games

You have a couple of options in navigating to the Friv homepage. You can search for Friv on Google, click here, or enter www.friv.com into your browser.

friv privacy policy

You may end up here before being brought to the fun and excitement of their games. Go ahead and select ‘Click For Help & Privacy’. This is where you can see requirements to access their games and all safety and privacy policies.

friv games adobe

Friv requires Adobe Flash Player to be installed to run properly. Friv is an interactive and fun way to play free online games!

If you do not have Adobe or are unsure, navigate to the circled link above. Be sure to read the ‘Help Using Friv’ to make sure you are using the correct applications to run Friv properly. Friv cannot generally be access from handheld mobile devices, see comprehensive list above.

friv games screenshot

Now you should have everything squared away to access the very best free online games! I’ve decided to do a brief walk-through and show some examples of what it looks like inside the action.

jellydad hero game friv

Here is an example of what the games and interface look like. I chose Jellydad Hero. As you can see on the left side of the page there are clear instructions on what buttons to use on your mouse and keyboard. It’s important to note that the keyboard is interactive and can be navigated to see all of the required keys for the game.

friv game screenshot

Jellydad Hero comes ready to go with lots of amazing, fun and interactive levels to be unlocked and bonus levels to accomplish more and more. If you are ever stuck on a level, you can find a comprehensive Walkthrough on the top right (see above image) to help guide you through.

Friv is a very simple, easy to use site that is fun and addicting! It will leave you coming back for more to keep unlocking new levels and more challenges.

Finally, all you need is a browser with the Adobe Flash Player plugin installed. Friv is not very resource intensive, but if you find it lagging or running slowly, try setting your graphics to a lower setting and try again.

Join us in playing the very best free online games today on Friv.com!

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