Dota 2 Hero Roles and How to Play Them

Dota 2 Hero Roles and How to Play Them

Dota 2 is one of the most popular MOBA games ever created, and for a good reason. It’s free to play and easily accessible on steam. Getting good at it takes time though, and even beginning can prove to be extremely challenging. The user interface can sometimes be less than intuitive, and the learning curve is rather steep.

If you decide to do it all on your own you’ll have a really bad time. Luckily, with the help of this article you should get into Dota 2 a lot easier and more effortlessly. We won’t teach you how to last hit since that’s the kind of stuff you have to practice in-game, but we will teach you how to set up your draft to optimize your chances of winning.

Hero Roles


In Dota, each team consists of five players controlling five different heroes. Every hero has an opposing hero he’s good against, and a hero he’s really weak against (his counter-hero). A good team has two cores, two supports, and one offlaner. They all have a different role in the game, hence why you should only focus on one type (or role) to begin with.



Cores are essentially the carries of the team. They farm most of the game and try to get all of the kills to maximize experience and gold gain. As a core, you have to keep farming (killing creeps), and avoid dying at all cost. Cores get stronger as the game goes on, so it’s essential you have good farm and items. You will, as a core, have to finish and win the game at the end.



Supports are usually heroes with powerful nukes but weak survivability. They have a lot of impact early-game, when the cores are still weak. In essence, as a support, you have to ‘carry’ the game early-on, and set up a great game for your cores. A great support will gank, pull and harass, ensuring his core is as farmed as can be. A lot of people don’t really like to play supports since they feel like they have no impact, but the truth is a support has far more impact in the game than the cores do.



The offlaner is usually a utility hero with lots of stuns and/or disables. He’s the person who tanks the enemy team’s cores, the person who separates the other team apart, and generally the person whose aim is to create as much chaos as possible. Playing offlane is difficult, since you have to deal with two or three heroes at a time. If done properly though, you’ll shut down the entire enemy team and excel your own team’s farm and experience.

We recommend you try all three roles before deciding that one suits you more than the other. Lots of heroes can be played as a support, core or an offlaner, depending on the skill build and the item build. It’s up to you to find out what works best in your scenario.

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