How to Send Direct Message on Instagram

How to Send Direct Message on Instagram

If you want to connect personally with one of your followers on Instagram or perhaps you want to connect with someone new, then knowing how to send an instant message on Instagram is the guide for you.  Simply follow the steps below and you'll be connected in no time.  Please note that in order to send someone an instant message, you will need to be following them.

1) Finding people

There are two ways to find people so that you can send them an instant message on Instagram. 

  1. The first way is to use the search option from the bottom of your Instagram page. This is symbolized by the magnifying glass icon.
    • Tap the magnifying glass icon and this will direct you to a new page where you can enter the name of the person that you want to find. 
    • Once this has been done, then just press the search button on your keypad. This will then bring up a long list of people with the name of the person you want to message, scroll through to find the person you are looking for and click on their profile picture or name to access their profile and send a message.
  2. The second way to find someone on Instagram so that you can send them an instant message, is by clicking on the person's profile picture which is located above any picture that they have posted. 
    • This will then take you to your profile page, on here you can see how many posts you have put up, how many people are following you and how many followers you have. 
    • If you tap on the number of people that are following you, it will then display the list of your followers.  Click on the profile picture or name of the person you want to send a message to.

instagram profile

2) Send them a message

Once you are in the profile of the person you want to send a message to, if you are following them then they will have a 'send message' button on their profile picture.  To start creating your message, just click that button.

3) Stylize your message

The screen to create your instant message looks very similar to a standard messaging screen.  Here you can type the words that you want to say to that person as well as add a picture that only they will see or send heart.  In addition to this, and if your keypad allows it, you can also add emojis to your messages.

4) Hit send

Once you have said what you wanted to say or uploaded a private picture that only they will be able to see, then just press the 'send' button.  This will then display on your screen in front of you as part of the message conversation – a bit like when you send a text message to a friend.

Being able to send an instant message to someone on Instagram is incredibly useful if you want to share private or personal pictures between the two of you.  Unlike other social media apps, messaging on Instagram is only between two people.

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