How to Keep Your Computer From Overheating

How to Keep Your Computer From Overheating

If you are having problems with your computer overheating, you aren’t alone. Many factors play into why computers overheat. Sometimes, it is just a poorly designed cooling system inside the computer. Sometimes you have done upgrades that cause the computer to produce more heat than it was designed to handle. And sometimes, it is something in the environment that is causing the problem. Here are a few hints to help you figure out how to keep your computer from overheating.


DON’T Set Your Computer on Soft Surfaces


Sitting on the bed is a comfortable place to work or browse the web or even watch a movie. But soft surfaces like blankets, pillows, and even your lap prevent the computer’s ventilation system from functioning properly because the vents on the bottom and sides of the computer are often covered. This causes all of the hot air to remain trapped inside of the computer. As the temperature rises inside, the hard drive gets hotter and hotter until it eventually overheats and crashes, or worse get burned up completely and is unusable.


DON’T Leave Your Computer in Direct Sunlight


It’s true, being able to sit behind your computer and look out the window certainly makes working more pleasant. But it can also be putting your computer at risk if the computer sits in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Not only can it cause the computer to overheat but the sun can also cause damage to the screen and even weaken the plastic casing of the computer.


DO Keep Your Computer in a Temperature Controlled Environment


Even with an extremely powerful computer, you probably don’t need to store you computer in a room cold enough for snow. But keeping the room cool will help to keep the computer itself cool. If you normally keep the house a little warm, it’s probably a good idea to invest in a way to keep your computer cooler because the hot environment can cause a computer to overheat.


Do Invest in a Cooling Pad


There are many different types of cooling pads. Some have multiple fans, a single fan and others don’t even have a fan at all. They are relatively cheap and those with fans, usually plug into the USB port on your computer so you don’t have to be connected to the wall to keep your computer cool. This is a great options, especially if you have tried everything else. Or if you like sitting on your bed with your computer.


Heat Happens

Computers produce heat, that is normal, you can’t avoid it. Making sure you computer has proper ventilation, a good cooling system, and is kept in a suitable environment are very important things to remember, especially if you have had computers overheat in the past. If you still aren’t sure, talk to an IT specialist and they can have a look at the computer to let you know whether the problem is a poor cooling system or something else. Prevent overheating, keep your files safe.


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