How to Block and Unblock on Instagram

How to Block and Unblock on Instagram

Knowing how to block and unblock on Instagram can be very useful information to have to hand if you stop being friends with someone and then become friends again or if you want to prevent someone from following you, but both can be achieved with relative ease by following the steps below. 

Please be aware that you can only block and unblock someone on Instagram through the app, as it's not possible to do it through the web based version.

Blocking on Instagram

1) Go to the profile

In order to block someone on Instagram you need to do it from their profile.  So tap on the profile picture of the person that you want to block.

2)  Three dots

When you are in their profile, at the top of their picture and next to their name are three dots- the three dots have been highlighted in the Profile picture above.  Now tap on the dots and it will bring up the menu as displayed below.

instagram block menu

3) Press block

The last step to this process is to just press 'block'. 

You will be presented with a message that is asking you to confirm if you are sure that you want to block them or not.  If you are sure that you want to block them, then just press the block option again.

instagram block confirm

Unblocking on Instagram

1) Finding a blocked person

You can find someone you have blocked either by searching for them through the Instagram search option, but note that you will need to know their Instagram user name in order to do this.  The other option is to access the 'blocked list' which is stored in your Instagram profile page settings.  You can get there by pressing the 'Home' button to get you back to your profile page.

The you will need to press the person button at the bottom right hand side of that page.

2) The three dots

As with blocking an Instagram account you need to press the three dots on the person's profile that you want to unblock.  These can be found at the top right of the screen, next to their name – step 1 and 2 on 'how to block on Instagram'. 

3) Unblocking

Once you have pressed the three dots next to the person's profile you wish to unblock, the next step is to press the unblock option from that list.

instagram unblock menu

You'll be asked to confirm that you are sure you want to unblock them.  If you are sure, then just press unblock and you'll be able to follow each other again on Instagram.

instagram unblock confirm

Even if you haven't fallen out with a friend or you aren't being followed by someone that you don't want to be, it is a good idea to try out blocking and unblocking someone.  Regardless as to whether you are a seasoned Instagram users or a complete newbie, it always helps to understand the app that you are using as much as possible for future references.

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